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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Grant Thornton Update to Creditors June 2016

In an effort to keep you informed, below are some of the actives the Joint Liquidators have been working on since the filing of our last report.

The Creditors Advisory Committee
The CAC has been re-formed and a meeting was held recently to discuss the current status of the liquidation and its future plans. Some of the salient initiatives are listed below.

TD Bank Litigation 
TD has filed its Amended Statement of Defense and the JLs are in the process of preparing and finalizing our Reply. Meanwhile, the estate is pushing for the commencement of production and discovery proceedings. We have also been working closely with US Class Counsel to advance and coordinate the bank claims.

 Law Firm Claims 
We are continuing to prosecute the claims against the law firms in Antigua. It is expected that hearings on the jurisdictional issues will be heard towards the end of this year

 HSBC Claims 
HSBC agreed to provide disclosure on an agreed list of requests. In our view this issue has not been fully complied with. It has also become clear that we need to examine individuals, a position to which HSBC has yet to agree. Our current tolling agreement extending the time for filing expires on 30 June. Thus, we are of the view that we need to invoke S236 for proper production and examination. We anticipate our request to be contested.

 Based on the information we have to date, we suspect that there were deficiencies in procedures by the bank and that certain “red flags” existed. We are working closely with our advisors to develop the case..........................

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