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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Time Frame of next distribution from US Receiver

To Gilardi 
I have tried to talk to you on the phone, today I have waited more than 9 minutes and no one has answered, the machine at the time said there was no body before my call. Would like to know when are you going to distribute the last order of distribution orders by the Court on March 22-2016. We need to know aka soon as possible. Thank you You may respond to me at this e-mail (email address redacted)

Response from Gilardi 
Dear Claimant,
 A distribution schedule pursuant to the Receiver's 3rd Interim Plan has not yet been approved by the Court, the claims agent will not be able to speculate on when a distribution will occur until after a distribution schedule is approved.

To Gilardi 
You are not correct, the distribution process was approved by the court on March 22-2016. Please give information that is correct and remember, we are asking for what is rightfully ours, and you must answer as soon as possible.

Response from Gildardi 
Dear Claimant,
 There is a difference between a distribution plan being approved and a specific distribution schedule or schedule of payments being approved. As an example please refer to the Order Approving Receiver's Second interim Distribution Plan vs. Receiver's 1st Schedule of Payments to be made Pursuant to the 2nd Interim Plan. Until a schedule of payments pursuant to the 3rd Interim Plan is approved by the Court, the Claims Agent will not be able to speculate on when payments will begin.

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